"Relieves Back Pain Headaches Muscle Pain Arthritis Athletic Injuries And Much More"
--The Miracle of MSM Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. Ronald M Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. Martin Zucker

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    MSM Powder Description

    LignisulŪ MSM and OptiMSMŪ

    Our MSM in powder, granular, or flake form is 99.9% pure and made in the US. Our one-pound plastic containers are sized so that you get a full pound of MSM. Orders of 5 pounds or more of bulk powder will be in shipped in plastic bags with a heat seal across the open end to keep it from bursting open during shipment. We add nothing to our powder or granules. Because of that, the powder can vary from a fluffy powder to a powder that tends to clump, sometimes very badly depending on humidity conditions at the time of manufacture and at your location. In general the powder that is available in the winter months is more powder-like whereas the powder that is available in the summer tends to clump up more. This is normal and does not affect the effectiveness of the MSM. The granules or flakes do not have this problem but may take somewhat longer to dissolve due to the particle size. Shelf-life of the LignisulŪ MSM is stated to be four years, while OptiMSMŪ is certified to have a 5-year shelf life. MSM should be stored in a cool, but not cold, dry area, such as on a kitchen shelf.

    LignisulŪ MSM is manufactured for Fine Nutraceuticals, Inc. (FNI) by Arichem (formerly Sloss Industries), a third-party facility in Alabama, from DMSO obtained from a US-based provider. Their DMSO is produced through a high-yield chemical reaction. The MSM is tested by an independent third party for purity and contamination where it is certified as 99.9% pure and free of contaminants and heavy metals. FNI does not currently pay any royalties to the MSM patent holder, MSM Investments Company, LLC., claiming that the existing patents are either invalid or expired. CarolwoodMSM (a previous manufacturer of LignisulŪ MSM) won a court decision in August of 2001, which reinforced this position on at least one of the patents.

    OptiMSMŪ is manufactured in Washington by Bergstrom Nutrition (formerly Cardinal Nutrition) at a facility that Bergstrom owns and is dedicated only for making MSM. Their plant is NNFA GMP certified. They also obtain their DMSO from a US-based provider of DMSO. Therefore, OptiMSMŪ is made wholly in the US from raw materials obtained in the US and North America, and is also certified as pure and free of contaminants and heavy metals. Cardinal does pay royalties to the MSM patent holder, MSM Investments Company, LLC., but is not the patent holder itself. Dr. Stanley Jacob, one of the authors of The Miracle of MSM - The Natural Solution for Pain, has given his endorsement to the OptiMSMŪ brand.

    Our LignisulŪ MSM, and OptiMSMŪ are made to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) and both are fine products. We have no reservations about providing any one of them to you, but have tried to provide you with accurate information so that you can decide what is important to you. Both are MSM, and both will provide you with the same results.



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